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PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update: Players can explore 8 great skills

Every ability and rank them from worst to best and I'm gonna tell you why the best one is the best and I'll show you exactly how you can use it with some tips and tricks and we'll explain each of the abilities let's get started and how you can pick your ability you can choose above the selection mode in the bottom left  And You Have Eight Different Abilities  I'll break them down real quick and we'll start with the worst one and this is all my opinion so let me know below which ones you guys like the best but the first one that I think is the worst is the

1 Lucky Backpack 

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update: Players can explore 8 great skills

Lucky backpack so this just allows you to swap maybe like one item for another item let's say pick up an M16 it kind of allows you to randomly swap to a different assault rifle and you can only use it up to five times per match the loot is so good that you're not really gonna need to use the All that much and it only increases your carrying capacity so it's okay but it's really not the best second worst we have is 

2 Trace

skills in PUBG Mobile Gear Front Mode
Trace when you shoot an enemy it actually marks them for five seconds but it's not super helpful because you already see the enemy and you can call it out for your teammates anyway so so seeing where they go after you shoot them is not really that important because it's only five seconds anyway so you already know where the enemy is it's not like being able to detect a camper like it was in the third anniversary so  you actually have to hit them in order to trace them ranking.

 3 Play Zone Analysis 

New skills in PUBG MOBILE

In number Three is the Play Zone analysis so this one is not that great for most of us now if you're like a hardcore rank Pusher this  one's gonna be super helpful you can see where the next circle is and obviously if you guys are conqueror pushing you know why that's valuable information but for the most part no one really used this one and you know if you've managed the circle all right you're gonna pretty much be in zone anyway that one's not too great, 

4 Black Market 

New skills in PUBG MOBILE
And next up the kind of in the middle now we're getting into some okay ones you can summon a random Black Market anywhere this is great uh not only for being able to spend your cash anywhere you want to but the actual black market for uh I think it's on the  ground for about a minute or two actually works as hardcover there was one time where we got knocked but we were able to hide behind our black market and the enemy couldn't thirst us so this one's not too bad but there are Some better options,

5 Healing Smoke

PUBG on mobile tips: 10 things you need to know

So now we're getting into the top four any of these ones will work well for you and make sure you mix and match with your teammates you have a little bit different strategy and coming  in in the fourth spot we have the healing smoke so this is a smoke grenade it's blue smoke and when you stand inside of it you can regenerate your health bar and your Boost bar so it's really helpful but the cooldown is three minutes so you're not gonna be able to use it very much uh in the game it's gonna only be in key situations and it's a blue smoke so it stands out it's very obvious to the enemies in third place we actually have the supply skin this is a pretty cool uh ability and I would definitely recommend it you can see right here in the screenshot 

Healing Smoke Pubg Mobile

6 Supply Scan

Supply Scan pubg Mobile
loot is so good in some places that the supply scan is not really that important  but I will say when you do scan it it does show up for your teammates which is  very helpful so if one person runs this you know in the beginning of the match at least you can find your loot and get ready to go,

7 Vehicle Airdrop 

Pubg Mobile Vehicle Airdrop

Best ability we have the vehicle airdrop also a cooldown timer of 180 seconds to three minutes but when you have one player in your teammate they can on your team that can literally call in a UA Z  level three uaz at that pretty much any  time in the game it's super helpful 

Pubg Mobile Vehicle Airdrop

8 Gliding Doll 

Gliding Doll Pubg Mobile

This one is the gliding doll I did not expect this one to be so good but it offers so much Mobility you can jump off of rocks Glide down a hill you can move much more quickly you can jump up and when you Glide you get a bit of a height boost and you can actually get up into  Windows on second floors there's so much you can do with this the versatility

Gliding Doll Pubg Mobile






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